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They were just AH-MAAAAAAAZZING!!!!!

I was very very lucky to have a chance to see them alive!

We werent standing too close to the stage,

 but my sister’s friend was hoki (lucky)  enough to get the James B. Valentine ‘s guitar pick.

And I touched it!!! I DID!!! lol

Such a Blast night!

*i do not own the second and the third picture*

Dengan kaitkata



In the picture Dian – Julissa – Raisha – Tania – Ade



Happy Birthday Julissa, wish you a tooooooooooons of happiness 🙂

Sorry for the not-suprising suprise party. We will try again next year, I PROMISE! #epicfail



The one and only ..

My friend  Ade, also take a part of it!  I cant stop laughing. #hilarious

We all five ( with Dian , Julissa, Neneng, Ade) went to see a circus show.  Yay! It was my first time!!

I wouldn’t forget that night!

I Love circus, I Love that night and I Love them 🙂


One of the most memorable event of my uni life!!
SERINGAI (10 april)

So, Julissa like (really really like) Seringai, and she heard there will be a final band competition event, where this band will perform as the guest star. What funny thing was, since this event was sponsored by Guinness beer, we have to be over 16 to get the ticket. Unfortunately, Me and Julissa were one year younger than everyone, hence there was no ID yet. Consequently, we have to asked two other friends, Adi and Irfan who are older than us to get the ticket lol. Then we (me, Julissa, Dian, Adi, and Irfan) went to see the concert together and was lucky enough to take the picture with Seringai band itself. lol

*poor quality of picture caused it was taken outdoor*

[truth: for this picture we were blocking their way in a parking lot]


I’ve been so blessed and very lucky to have a family that full of kindness, a family that taught me well

about sharing, giving and caring about others.

Finally today i’ve made a decision to apply what I’ve learned after 19 years.


So, Nadia and I are made a non-profit charity community. This community will provide you a place for

help others who those in needs. And named it HOPE , we don’t have any philosophy behind the name,

but HOPE already represent our mission and we call the community as Hope Rangers.


Me, Nadia and Bella are the founding fathers of HOPE but we had another crew to help this foundation run,

there are Dila, Julissa, Dian and Aneke. The idea of HOPE is to show that everyone can help others

and as the founder we will try to bring a bunch of fresh and unique ideas for the auction.

I really hope that this foundation will expand and help a lot of peoples!

Because I think one of best feelings in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone.

And I personaly believe that everyone live for a reason, for a huge purpose !!


” Be grateful for what you already had by giving to others ” – My Father

‘ If you are thankful, what do you do? YOU SHARE! ”
-W. Clement Stone

‘ Life is about giving, and the rest is taken care of ”
– Peter Casande


Jamie Cullum is auctioning off some of his footwear to help raise money for the Japanese relief effort!

Don’t hesitate to TAKE YOUR BIDS IN (less than 20hours left!!) .

And watch the unique fund raising event live, whereas Jamieand other artists are taking part in,

” Live For Sendai ” On Monday April 11 at 5pm EDT

I think its about 9 am in UK time and 11pm in Indonesia time.


Here it is some pics of his shoes on eBay;

Wish Japan get a speed recovery. We all here are pray for you Japan.


Dengan kaitkata


Gara gara tadi ngomongin soal berenang sama Dian, entah kenapa jadi inget kejadian pas mau berenang

sama Juli. Jadi ceritanya gue dan Juli udah siap mau berenang, tapi tenyata baju renangnya Juli ga ketemu.

Jadi dia berniat pinjem baju renang punya kakanya tapi ternyata baju renangnya juga ngga ada.

Ya masa batal, kita udah sampe nyiapin bekel juga padahal. Terus karena ngotot pasti ada tuh baju renang

kita bongkar lemari bajunya, eh terus nemu baju renang dia sd gitu.

Terus iseng di coba ternyata jeng jeng jeng..  Muaaaaaat !!!! ( Wow!! )

Akhirnya pergilah kita dengan senang.


Karena kesorean, jadi tempatnya ternyata udah tutup. Yaudah tanggung diluar rumah,  jadi kita puter balik

dan jalan jalan sore. Tiba tiba pas udah berhenti di daerah riau, Juli bilang ngga ngga enak badan.

Terus gue pegang keningnya dan ternyata agak panas.  ” Yah yaudah deh yuk Jul kita pulang aja”.

Terus Juli cuma  lemes duduk di bangku mobil.  Pas mau jalan pergi dia bilang  ” Man, sesak banget!! ”.

Ya gue mulai panik lah  ” Eh Jul, yaudah kita ke dokter aja! ”  tapi Juli ngga mau.

Terus gue iseng nanya ” Eh, Jul hebat juga lu baju sekecil itu bisa muat. Berarti badan lu ngga berubah ya ”

 terus kata Juli ” Mana ane tau Man” .

Terus gue tiba tiba jadi kepikiran dan ” Eh Jul coba lu buka deh baju renangnya, siapa tau karena kesempitan”

dan akhirnya setelah dibuka Juli mendengus ” Woh udah ngga sesek lagi Man”

Pantesss.. Jaitan bajunya aja sampe robek -__-

Errrrr jadi  intinya jangan pake baju renang pas lu kelas 2 sd,

 nanti terkena gejala gejala seperti sesak napas, pusing dan panas. HAHAHA


Cullum is Brother of Ben Cullum. He started making music when he was 13 years old. Mother is Burmese, father English. As well as the piano, he also plays the drums and guitar. Attended the university of Reading, Berkshire UK  to study English Literature and Film, where he graduated with First Class Honours. Presently enjoying his new star status as one of the biggest-selling jazz artists of all time, described him as ”Sinatra in Sneakers”.


With only £48 Cullum released his first album, Jamie Cullum Trio—Heard it All Before, in 1999, of which 500 copies were made. Due to their rarity, original copies have sold for as much as £600 on eBay (woah!).
Just after Cullum made his first television appearance, on Parkinson in April 2003, he signed a £1m contract for three albums with Universal!.

Cullum is well known for his style and charisma. One of the many things that features in his concerts is the Stomp box, made from a small wooden block. The stompbox is used to amplify a musician’s tapping foot. He is often found using a looping machine and also often beatboxing at most gigs.
I must say, he is a multitalent maestro!

Cullum has played at many large music festivals, including Glastonbury Festival (2004 and 2009), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (2005), Coachella 2005,  and the 2006 Playboy Jazz Festival. On 30 April 2006 Cullum played his biggest ever crowd on Queensday in the Netherlands (totally huge!  see it @youtube!)

He has 4 albums; Pointless Nostalgic, Twentysomething, Catching Tales, and the last one, The Pursuit.


The British Jazz Awards first recognised Cullum’s growing success by awarding him the “Rising Star” award, at the 2003 ceremony. At the 2004 BRIT Awards, Cullum was nominated in the “British Breakthrough Act” category. In the 2005 BRIT Awards, Cullum was nominated for two awards: “Best Male Artist” and “Best Live Act”. In 2005 Cullum was nominated for a Grammy while taking BBC Radio 2 “Artist of the Year” honours at the BBC Jazz Awards (as voted for by listeners of Radio 2). In 2007 Cullum won the Ronnie Scotts Jazz Award for “Best British Male”. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for his composition, “Gran Torino”.


Cullum married British food writer and former model Sophie Dahl on 9 January 2010. Their daughter, Lyra, was born on the second of  March, 2011.


P.S :  Dear jamie, why your music are so catchy?.  It just hooks everywhere!
I’m totally fallin for it!
You are an extraordinary musician! 


Don’t forget to follow him @jamiecullum on twitter or his facebook and myspace account to find out his tour schedule or ask him for a question!


Stay up to date by read his personal blog

and  Or head to

Plus you can listen him online for his weekly radio show live on BBC Radio 2


My biggest question : @jamiecullum have a thought of doing again a concert in Indonesia?
– Amanda, huge fans.

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