I’ve been so blessed and very lucky to have a family that full of kindness, a family that taught me well

about sharing, giving and caring about others.

Finally today i’ve made a decision to apply what I’ve learned after 19 years.


So, Nadia and I are made a non-profit charity community. This community will provide you a place for

help others who those in needs. And named it HOPE , we don’t have any philosophy behind the name,

but HOPE already represent our mission and we call the community as Hope Rangers.


Me, Nadia and Bella are the founding fathers of HOPE but we had another crew to help this foundation run,

there are Dila, Julissa, Dian and Aneke. The idea of HOPE is to show that everyone can help others

and as the founder we will try to bring a bunch of fresh and unique ideas for the auction.

I really hope that this foundation will expand and help a lot of peoples!

Because I think one of best feelings in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone.

And I personaly believe that everyone live for a reason, for a huge purpose !!


” Be grateful for what you already had by giving to others ” – My Father

‘ If you are thankful, what do you do? YOU SHARE! ”
-W. Clement Stone

‘ Life is about giving, and the rest is taken care of ”
– Peter Casande


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