One of the most memorable event of my uni life!!
SERINGAI (10 april)

So, Julissa like (really really like) Seringai, and she heard there will be a final band competition event, where this band will perform as the guest star. What funny thing was, since this event was sponsored by Guinness beer, we have to be over 16 to get the ticket. Unfortunately, Me and Julissa were one year younger than everyone, hence there was no ID yet. Consequently, we have to asked two other friends, Adi and Irfan who are older than us to get the ticket lol. Then we (me, Julissa, Dian, Adi, and Irfan) went to see the concert together and was lucky enough to take the picture with Seringai band itself. lol

*poor quality of picture caused it was taken outdoor*

[truth: for this picture we were blocking their way in a parking lot]

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