The Dutch footwear brand OAT SHOES knows,

that  choosing green often means having to make concessions on appearance.

The company’s website says  “ Do you look at style and comfort, or ethical implications? ”

OAT wants to make it! So you DONT have to decide between the two!.


OAT Shoes is a biodegradable shoes that actually sprouts when “planted” in the ground.

The second-place winner at Amsterdam’s Green Fashion Awards 2011, is the world’s first line

of sneakers that, upon disposal. The materials—some developed by OAT itself—are all easily broken down,

and tree seeds packed in the lining will hopefully leave saplings where your sneakers once stood.

Thats right!! when you’re ready to toss out your worn out OAT sneakers you can bury them, water and

with some sunshine the soles will actually sprout flowers!

So, you can look cool and not feel guilty!

 Because you know that you can help beautify the world with literal a ” Shoetrees ”.


The Dutch brand will launch this spring with their ” Virgin ” Collection in selected stores in Holland and

Belgium, but will be available online for those who don’t have a trip to Amsterdam planned.

Just head to http://www.oatshoes.com to know more about Oat Shoes.








one word, BRILLIANT!

Is anybody going to be kind enough to give me one? 😛

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