Congo’s Conflict Minerals : The Next Blood Diamonds!


” Raise Hope for Congo.”


It’s a war which most people know nothing about, despite the fact that we’re all directly connected to it.

Armed groups are fighting over the lucrative minerals that power our cell phones and laptops,

leaving a trail of human destruction that has no equal globally since World War II.


Marie is a rape survivor twice over.  She has overcome her suffering to found a women’s organization

that helps others who have survived sexual crimes. “Please stop this bloody business,” she pleaded.

” You are fueling conflict. Families are being torn apart. Women are being raped.

 Communities are being destroyed so armed groups can profit from mines.

Companies should stop supporting this and do ethical business.”

The conflict in Congo has left millions homeless, fleeing from their villages after they have been burnt

to the ground or looted by armed groups.


This reality is actually rooted in simple economics.

Profits made from this illicit minerals trade arise from market demand for such minerals.

If consumers demand conflict-free products, then companies will eventually meet that demand,

in turn cratering the market for minerals mined through violence.


Congo is the deadliest war in the world for a reason.

For the last 150 years, the world has taken whatever it wanted from this country,

from people who were enslaved for America’s plantations, to ivory for our jewelry, to rubber for our

automobile industry, to uranium for our atomic bombs, to today’s conflict minerals for our cell phones,

laptops and other products.

Finally, a global people’s movement has begun to be formed to stop this history of destructive extraction.

To know more ask him on twitter @ryangosling


Now that you know, what will you do?

Gah, now i feel like theres a blood on my Blackberry!

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