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Alkisah suatu malam jam 10. Gue Dian Juli lagi bantuin Doni bikin tugas.

Juli : apa lagi don ?
Doni : bentar bentar sambil buffering yah hehe
Dian : parah lu Don, cepet udah pada ngantuk nih
Gue : konsen Don konsen !
Doni : oke oke bentar
………. 1 jam kemudian……..
Juli : cepet don, masih banyak! 11 halaman lagi tuh.
Gue : udah ngantuk nih Don!
Doni : gue nyerah deh ah!
Gue : yaudah lo donlot aja dulu bahannya, entar tinggal ngerangkumnya
Deng deng deng deng shuuut~ *suara windows mati*
Gue : udah Don?
Doni : yah, udah keburu mati Man!
Lagi beres beres..
Doni : eh, kan belom gue save! D:
Gue Juli : …….

Resume 16 halaman literatur hukum (dalam bahasa inggris pula) nya…


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Banci : mas, ya ampun mas! Ganteng banget kaya andika!
Cowo : andika? Masa sih?
Banci : iya mas, saya kira beneran andika loh!
Cowo : hehehe andika pratama yah?
Banci : he eh andika kangen band
Cowo : hah?
Banci : ini lagu, saya persembahkan buat mas andika!
Wajahmu … Mengingatkan kuu~
Pada pembantuku yang duluuu~
Cowo : …..
Banci : mas mana mas sawerannya?
Cowo : …..

Gue sama Juli cuma bisa ketawa dengernya -__-

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So, we  (Julissa, Dian, Ade and I) got 4 free tickets from Neneng. It was a ticket for a theatrical drama slash Neneng’s first debut and performance as an actress of a theater club. Whoop Whoop! This event was held by an Art Community from my university.

The drama called  “Sebuah Sumpah , 2 Pilihan , 3 Hati”. 

It is said that this is a theatrical version from “Corpse Bride – Tim Burton”. The whole story told me that “kebetulan adalah salah satu lambang takdir” (Accidental is one symbol of destiny). It was pretty interesting act and definitely different than any theatrical act I’ve seen, but it was very special because this time I know someone on the stage 🙂 Loving the set designer and property teams! It was subtle, but on point!!


Remember when, back then
you and me and our friends
Getting high, getting low out pretending we were rockstars
Living the dream in our own hearts
Money tight, up all night from the worries of life
Will it work will it last
Trying to tell me that it’s alright
Just give me some human insight
Down, down

Cause im tired of dreamin
Let’s give a life some meaning
Though I’m lost I will find all the pieces of this broken heart
This broken heart of mine

I woke up snapped back and reality came
I’m looking out our front door thought it never felt the same
I guess we needed growing up
People change in many ways
But the memories remain
Contemplating is just a game, a game that we call life
Just hope the kids will be alright
Down, down
Because I’m tired of dreaming
Let’s give a life some meaning

Though I’m lost I will find all the pieces of this broken heart
This broken heart of mine



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Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion which primarily involves the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue and voice.

It may also involve singing, vocal imitation of turntablism, the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments.

Beatboxing today is connected with hip hop culture, being one of  “the elements”, although it is not limited to hip hop music.

– Wikipedia.

My all time favourite Beatboxer !


Probably the most talented beatboxer in Helsinki, Finland. He is an international Pro-Beatboxer!

FELIX ZENGER’s debut album called ” Won’t say a thing ” is not only about showing off his beatboxing skills.

This crossover album contains traditional hiphop, soul, downtempo and even a schlager hook by the late Kari Tapio.


** follow him on twitter @felixzenger



He is a body beatboxer from Asia.

He has participating a lots of world beatbox competition.

He is very generous. Because he had participated in a competition once, where the prizes given to a little girl who lost her parents.

And one of his video has selected as a favourite video for Ellen Degeneres show! #beast!


** Follow him on twitter @jaymzha


Everytime i saw their video, they were blew my mind! They just Amazed me 🙂

Anyway just a few weeks ago, I accidentally met some of Beatbox Community!

When I was bought a slurpee in Seven Eleven Senayan, Jakarta.

WOW, you guys ROCKS!

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They called him as  “Sinatra in Sneakers”.




Jamie Cullum is a talented and charismatic crossover musician

with the ability and versatility to mix any kind of music with his personal touch.

Salute to his raw talent and his dang creativity! The one and only, Jamie Cullum.

Hope you enjoy his music as well as i do 🙂

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@Lapangan parkir sabuga, Bandung


Rotund’jere (I wish they spill the meaning of this name) is the band’s name and it is quite strange to see there was no vocalist on stage, but instead a traditional dancer. I think it was pretty nice and different. I was really impressed by the dancer and the whole concept.

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