So, we  (Julissa, Dian, Ade and I) got 4 free tickets from Neneng. It was a ticket for a theatrical drama slash Neneng’s first debut and performance as an actress of a theater club. Whoop Whoop! This event was held by an Art Community from my university.

The drama called  “Sebuah Sumpah , 2 Pilihan , 3 Hati”. 

It is said that this is a theatrical version from “Corpse Bride – Tim Burton”. The whole story told me that “kebetulan adalah salah satu lambang takdir” (Accidental is one symbol of destiny). It was pretty interesting act and definitely different than any theatrical act I’ve seen, but it was very special because this time I know someone on the stage 🙂 Loving the set designer and property teams! It was subtle, but on point!!

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