So, we  (Julissa, Dian, Ade and I) got 4 free tickets from Neneng. 

It was a ticket for a theatrical drama slash Neneng’s first debut and performance as an actrist. Whoop Whoop!

This event was held by an Art Community from my university.



The drama  named  “Sebuah Sumpah , 2 Pilihan , 3 Hati”. 

Which is actually a theatrical version from “Corpse Bride – Tim Burton”

The whole story told me that ” Kebetulan adalah salah satu lambang takdir ” (Incidentally is one symbol of destiny)


And Yes! Neneng is THE MAN!  (Neneng as Biru)


My personal reviews : Acting = SUPERB!,  Artistic and property team = EXCELENT! and

STANDING APPLAUSE for the Set Design team!! Congratulation guys 🙂

Im pretty satisfied with the whole thing! Eventhough it wasnt my first theatrical.

(I had watched “Sampek Engtay” in JCC when i was a kid.)


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