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Tyler Shields is a hollywood photographer from USA. He shoot celebrities and artists, like Linday Lohan, Simon Curtis, Halley Bennet, Emma Roberts and some of GLEE cast.

He has quite different interest about photography. He mostly combine photography with any other art (art-ish)!!

Like Harry Shum Jr said, he is a ‘photo-gician!’ No need another effect, just need a human effect.


Just went to tylershield.com to see all his amazing picture and portofolio or follow him on twitter @tylershields

Let me introduce you to a fussion photographer, Tayler Shield !

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Dian, Doni, Ade, Julissa and I were just hanging out! A literally one!

We get more creative for posing after the first shot. lol

Do you see that really tall guy? His name is Osha.

He pretended to look cool and he actually thought that we were weird and mini #ha!

*Dian said that this last pic was actually look like a commercial for Converse! ~uh-some!

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WE DID IT! WE MADE THE VIDEO !! Its a piece of art (lol).

Thank you for Pickupbergoyang gank ( i knew that you guys were talented indeed )

and Thanks a lot for Osha, We cant do this without you, seriously! Hail to OSHA!


So, watch this and tell me what do you think #crossfingers :

Model : Ade, Amanda, Dian, Doni, Julissa

Script Writer : Amanda, Dian

Director : Amanda, Osha

Director of Photography : Osha

Screenplay : Osha

Music : Osha

Foster the people – Pumped Up kick

Foster the people – Dont Stop


It was REALLY FUN! And i actually tried to not laughing in every scene! #staycool

I really satisfied, that i made this video with the most AWESOME gank slash friends i could ever ask for!

The second video? Might be!

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I still remember, when someone judged me that I was ‘unwelcome’ to some people.

And then there you said ”She only let few people in but when she does, she loves to no end.”