WE DID IT! WE MADE THE VIDEO !! Its a piece of art (lol).

Thank you for Pickupbergoyang gank ( i knew that you guys were talented indeed )

and Thanks a lot for Osha, We cant do this without you, seriously! Hail to OSHA!

So, watch this and tell me what do you think #crossfingers :

Model : Ade, Amanda, Dian, Doni, Julissa

Script Writer : Amanda, Dian

Director : Amanda, Osha

Director of Photography : Osha

Screenplay : Osha

Music : Osha

Foster the people – Pumped Up kick

Foster the people – Dont Stop

It was REALLY FUN! I actually try so hard to not laughing the whole time! #staycool. I really satisfied, that i made this video with the most AWESOME gank slash friends I could ever ask for!

The second video? Might be!

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