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I randomly googled, and i found this, LUZINTERRUPTUS.

LUZINTERRUPTUS is an anonymous artistic group from Madrid (Spain), who carries out urban interventions in public spaces. They use lights as the media of their artwork. So you will see the specialty of their artwork at night.

Personally, I can see the similarity between them and Banksy. They both anonymous and criticize about some issues. On the other hand, Luzinterruptus criticize mostly about social issues ( such as; recycle, poverty, the danger of radioactive/nuclear, and ecosystem )

They are genius, fresh, creative and inventive. 

They are more than just a light-street-artist who give a social commentary. They take art to a whole different level.


Some of their artwork :

About to cleaning the empty building that no longer operate.


This one, tells about to clean the advertising or political party’s poster all over the street (in this case, telephone booth)


About the Radioactive control


Maybe they are the pioneer of the light-art.

And to be honest yes, I am spechless (and a new fan)!

Just head to www.luzinterruptus.com to see they (more than) amazing works and projects. 

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