What an exhausting long week!


Dream. Future. Weirdly I do have a toooon of question spinning in my head!

What is your dream? What things have you done to reach it?

or Do you have a backup plan when future wasn’t the same thing you’ve been imagined?

Have you heard this ?

” We all believe in dreams because we all move to make it happen “

 I know this cheesy, but I feel a little passion from this simple words.

My theory : We all are shouting dream!

You cant touch it yet, but you all are trying to make it to come to you.

You know what? let’s SHOUT LOUDER!!


4 thoughts on “SHOUTING DREAM

  1. Asop berkata:

    Awas jangan keras2 ah, teriaknya, ntar suara serak. :mrgreen:

  2. […] Shouting Dream ( […]

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