Brother, sister, mother, father sleeping, standing underwater

Sinking, swimming, floating, dreaming forward moving, backward thinking

Brother Sister Mother Father

1 2 3 4 underwater

1 2 3 4 underwater. 

The meaning :

 ” I have a brother, a sister, a mother, and a father — My dad passed away from cancer a little year ago and it felt like we were all in a very sad dream.

Underwater — it felt like we were all experiencing this together and it was a very helpless situation/as if one was drowning. “

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5 thoughts on “UNDERWATER

  1. Rizky berkata:

    congratulation for your wordpress’ vid and HAPPY NEW YEAR yuhuuu… Make your wish in 3 second
    One… two… three…
    Got it?
    Well, Let’s work hard and pray hard so we can achieve it in 2012 🙂

  2. saya nonton ini. Dan saya suka Alison. Sayangnya, dia juara II

  3. Monica Raharjo berkata:

    mandaaaa i just knew that it meant that :O ahahha deep meaning to those words. aku pikir dy ngarang doang ahhahaha :SSSS
    wanna know what leads me to your blog? so i was googling myself ahahhahahha karena iseng tapi di pictures and my chewing picture came out which you took when we went to sency! i cant believe you post my picture on your blog! misss youuuuu :* we should hang out!

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