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The ceiling at the museum. Its a white stork, represent a long life hope.

I would love to come again!! I just love everything in Hangzhou. It is a small relaxing town. I heard that Hangzhou people like to live laid back, that means they love to slow down and enjoy everything that happened in hangzhou 🙂

I love to slow down and I love Hangzhou! Its definetely my favourite city in China.

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The ship at the turtle head secret garden

Suzhou is a small beautiful city. Suzhou is famous for they beautiful girl and that explained why my local tour guide is pretty 🙂 This city is full of garden and historical building and places. Its about 2 hours bus ride from Suzhou to Hangzhou. Yulyet told me “If theres heaven in the sky, we have Suzhou and Hangzhou “.

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1. The forbidden city


2. The Great Wall

3. At Tigris Coffe Shops

4.  Yulyet Liu, The petite tour Guide

Beijing was really cold, even a lots of river were frozen!. Some people tried to walk at the frozen lake, but I didnt try though hehe. Its really windy but a lot of shop had like a blanket curtain at the door to keep warm inside.

At the great wall I only stopped in the second post out of four post :(. Exhausted plus cold weather equals gave up hahaha. But believe me it is tiring eventhough it was cold !.

Anyway I had a sumptuous peking duck dinner. Peking duck is originally food from Beijing, Peking (Pei-ching) is a pronunciation for Beijing. “B” word we read with “P” sound, and “J” we read as “C”. Like, Jagung they will say Cakung.  But the most important is I loove peking duck! hahaha

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This song is beautiful and I already listen to this for maybe more than 200 times!
Calm and pleasant. Try to listen this song, when you are in love!! 🙂

Anyway Im off to Shanghai for 10 days
I hope everything goes well and exactly as I am hoping it will
This is my first time to fly alone! Wish me luck.

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