TEAM #20

The cake :9

The Wishes. They wrote a post it notes all over my wall and my books shelf 🙂

For your information I dont like birthday that much so I never expected my birthday to come this fast plus I always trying to forget about my birthday date!

But after I spent the rest of the day with my favourite peoples and got a toooons of beautiful wishes, I should say that being 20 was not so bad after all 😀
Thank you Dian, Julissa, Neneng, Eky, Ade, Lugyana, Nadia, Nabila, Bella, Irfan, Junita, Carine, Marcia & Aneke. I also thanked the others that phoned me, and sent me SMS, BBMs or even voice notes .Thank you all for the love and the wishes. I was so happy 🙂

3 thoughts on “TEAM #20

  1. Asop berkata:

    Selamat ulang tahun! 😀

    Doa saya terucap untuk Amanda. :mrgreen:

    Well, ternyata gak beda jauh, saya lahir 28 feb, dan saya lahir tahun 1990. 😀

    • Amandash berkata:

      Terima kasih asooop 🙂 Iya ulang tahunnya tanggal 4 maret jadi kita ngga beda jauh yH.
      Selamat ulang tahun juga yah asop, semoga ke depannya sesuai dengan rencanaa 😀 amin.

  2. yurisa berkata:

    bebi udah tua lo

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