” Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard~
T.G.I.F! ” – Katy Perry

Well, last friday night I had a really lovely dinner with some girl friends
Julissa, Dian, Lugy, Nike, Tasya, Bella, Livia,and Nabilla
at Congo, Dago Pakar

1. Julissa – Aneke – Livia – Amanda – Nabilla – Dian

2. We were all Big eaters! Muncher.

3. Look at Julissa’s blue and green eyes! Big love!

4. Lugy – Livia.  @livia :Was that the ugly-pretty face aye?

5. Livia – Bella. Bella’s back touche!

6. Dian – Julissa. They were so pretty ❤

7. That big AHA moment! 😀

We had so much fun. We talked a lot and did some girl thing.I think our table was the loudest and the bussiest!
Because we had like 3 waiters whose stand around wait for us. Ha!
All the girl were soo beautiful and I personally enjoy the night. Livia said that we should do this regularly, Aye captain!

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