A dreamcatcher is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web.The dreamcatcher is then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads

Traditionally, the Ojibwa (Native American) construct dreamcatchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow. The resulting “dream-catcher”, hung above the bed, is used as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares. As dreamcatchers are made of willow and sinew, they are not meant to last forever but are intended to dry out and collapse as the child enters the age of wonderment.

The Ojibwa believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person’s dreams. According to Konrad J. Kaweczynski, “Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day.” and good dreams would pass through.

– Wikipedia

The dream catcher is hung above a sleeping area in a place where the morning light can hit it. The nature of the Dream Catcher will attract all sorts of dreams to its webs. When bad dreams come, they do not know the way through the web and get caught in the webbing where the first light of day causes them to melt away and perish. The good dreams knowing the way go through the center of the web and slide down the feather to the sleeper below.

– Anishnabe

As I know it dreamcatchers are supposed to ward off evil and give you positive dreams while you sleep.
But again, usually dreams are a nature signify something going on in your life 🙂

You dont have to believe it but maybe its worth to know the story behind it.

5 thoughts on “DREAMCATCHER

  1. Rizky berkata:

    gue tau tuh dream catcher, pasti kalo kita ke daerahnya orang2 asli amrik oleh-olehnya ini.

    Tapi baru tau behind the curtainnya. ojibwa, ojibwa, ojibwa

    • Amandash berkata:

      hahaha yakali. gue maunya oleh olehnya itu topi bulu besarnya itu sama rokok perdamaiannya. eh? bener ngga sih?? hahaha

    • Rizky berkata:

      wew, topi bulu. I can imagine that. *Kebanyakan nonton felm koboy!

      rokok perdamaian gak pernah denger

      • Amandash berkata:

        ituloh yang berbentuk pipa. jadi kalo ada tamu gitu di rokoknya dinyalain terus asapnya di tiup ke udara. hahaha. itu juga kalo ngga salah, gue liat di kartun sih.

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