Julissa, Dian and I were in Singapore for freakin 33 hours !!!!!
Last 12th June. Its totally craazeey hours!
We tried to not sleep, but we cant -__-

After arrived at 9 p.m. we were heading straight to Mustafa Centre because Dian was really curious and Julissa decided to buy slurpee (which is her first slurpee). Too bad it was not even close to “drinkable” 😦
No more slurpee in little india please! …

MRT Machine

Well, it was my very first time to have a trip with no parents and no tour guide, thus I have to read and learn everything included this MRT’s map! The next day we tried to explore the rest of Singapore (still the one with walkability distance), and we walked for more than 7 hours that day. it was pretty sunny and lovely, we all didn’t seem bothered and kept taking pictures along the way. It was really fun, hoping to have chance to do more girl’s trip in the future.

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