Julissa, Dian and I were in Singapore for freakin 33 hours !!!!!
Last 12th June. Its totally craazeey hours!
We tried to not sleep, but we cant -__-
Im going to short my story with pictures 🙂

1. We were so excitedd for our first trip!

2. Me: how was that slurpee’s taste?.  Julissa : NO MORE SLURPEE IN LITTLE INDIA!!

( Apparently  it was like a tons of sugar with a bit coke and the texture was slushed with some ice clotted. )
After arrived at 9PM we were heading to mustafa center because Dian was really curious.
And Julissa decided to buy slurpee which is not good 😦
No more slurpee in little india please! …


Well, its my very first time to trip with no parents and no tour guide!
So I hardly learn everything included this MRT’s map!
now, I should survive hahaha

4. Esplanade theatre!

That day we walked for more than 7 hours on sunny day!!
But Dian seems not bothered. She still happy and still taking a pretty picture.
While I just sitting in the shade. Maaan, it was tiring!

5. Me : Yan, should we pose like that poster?.  Dian: NO! pretty pics only Voilaaa!!

 Thats all. Apparently Im not good with writting a story hahaha

Dengan kaitkata ,

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