Beside a “happy birthday” or “congrats, you are getting old” and “wish you all the best” . I wish someone can give me something something like advice or point what is going with life when you are 20.

** PART 1 **

And here what is going to happen when you are 20 ( with my 20) :

1. Taking care of yourself and all of your business. It is the most difficult job everrrrr.  Maintaining a balance between socializing and do your duty (study/work) while try to  manage the time (which Im not good at!). Having your own decision for what is right and what is not or to do something or not to do, this is devastating!. But the problem mostly is finding a lifestyle that feels sustainable. And You can ask to nobody for help, oh for your information ; NOBODY CARES. They are not mean, it just they are too busy to finish theirs too.

2. Responsibility. As you getting old, your responsibility is getting bigger than ever. And I dont think I cant handle no more.

3. We are on the same boat. Everyone treat us like an adult! and that is huge. I personally hate to talk with an adult, like doctor, teller, or even taxy driver. Especially talk with any adult or stranger on the street. I dont mean to be bad person, I just scared. But now Im on that position, that mean I should do eveything on my own and talk with my own mouth.

4. Lose touch with a lot of your friends. Well like it or not, its true. You will lose contact with a lot of people, apparently no friendship is truly safe :p But if you already found the perfect one, YAY!.  A lot of my senior high friends still hang out regularly, maybe they just clique. You’re growing and personally changes a bit here or there and sometime it just dont that clique anymore. But don’t worry though the older you are the better you know about whom you want to be around with! Like I did with Julissa and Dian 🙂

5. Changing. There will be a lott of changes. I dont mean the anatomy of your body but I mean emotionally and thought kinda thing. Everything is about to change. Like, I was never ever dont care about what brand of my watch but now I do, or I was a though cookies back in junor high but not now.  Maybe it  just a proccess of being mature-err or old-er right? (Whoop!)

6. Everyone is getting older. Thats obvious!. Whenever Ill get home, I see my parents get older, they got wrinkles and their hair color are start changing. And my sister is taller than ever. I remember this, a few months ago my sister went to a public toilet and I asked her, if she can undo her pants zipper, and she said ” Iam 10 y.o now sis”  Omg, I always thought she was 7 or 8 y.o!!  Just treat your family right with your best as you getting old. Time flies fast indeed!.

7. Be nice to everyone.  It doesnt mean to be fake or pretending to be nice or try to pleased everyone. Just do good the best way you can, say “hi” or give a smile wont kill. Have you heard this? ” The world is small, so we’re here to make friends”. Daymn this is true, everyone you know is happen to know somebody who knows somebody. Seeeee??? small world people!

8. Solo. Yes there will be a tons of solo moment. It will makes you feel alone or lonely at first but sometimes it hurt sometimes not really ( It depends on your mood or your low points). You will getting used to eat your dinner alone or even go to the doctor by yourself.

9. Dont ever depend on anyone. I mean you can trust anyone you like, it just dont depend your life on them. Never ever!. Like I said before, nobody cares. Nobody really cares about other. Soon, you will know that you have nobody to call, you have no clue of what youre doing, dont have any support or maybe have no money. So I just suggested that you should stick to the family. Blood is thicker than water as the wise say.

10. You will taking easy every comments about you. Sometimes I rather to be not care for whatever people thought about me as long as I feel normal about myself.  Yes as we getting older, I feel like I know better about myself or is it that we called “stay open”?.

11.  Slow down. Am I being left out?, because I see everyone is move so fast, and Im like the only one who is really sloow. I feel like stupid you know, I just wishing they will slow down with everything, like life maybe.

” Slow down everyone. You’re moving too fast.
Frames can’t catch you when, You’re moving like that ~” Inaudible melodies – Jack Johnson.

12. Hello Google!. I would google everything!! Whenever I had a question about EVERYTHING, I will googled it first. It mostly random question, like what is lactacyd, who is weird al and everything  -__-

13.  Youll know how to make  your money last. Ok, You will just know how to waste your money for, like you wouldnt do vallet for parking, say no for spending money for brunch in cafe or some restaurant or not going anywhere at the weekend. If I had no money I rather bring my own food.

14. Sometimes you will not have faith in institution (the one who educated you). When you see the world (the small world), you will see everything is possible especially out of education context. Everyone can be a hero from zero!.  See the formula ; hard work + discipline +chances+ lucky = succed.

15.  And this will crossed you mind a lot “What the hell you’re doing all the time. What do you want?”. Hahaha Yes self loathing. You will get confused a lot and have no clue of what youre doing all this time. (I still do now)

Until now, I still live my 20 years young  life with big curiosity of what will happen next. But for now, I think Ill more appreciate more my youth and try everything that I possibly want to do. Just take time to mess around hahaha.
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6 thoughts on “NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT BEING 20

  1. nengmega berkata:

    thanks for visiting my blog! I see we’re on the same age. 😀 so well I pretty much related on majority of this! /high-five

    on one hand I don’t wanna getting older. But on the other hand I wanna get older so I can do more things for my Dad. wooo the conflictable 20-ish feelings.

    plus: “So when are you getting married?” questions. Hahahahaha

  2. ariohendra berkata:

    can’t agree more, at least we still have a decade to figure everything out before 30 (a very self depending age) 🙂

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