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Happy feet~

Ade now got a job out of town and Neneng is always busy with some internal or external university’s stuff. So it just the three of us (Julissa, Dian and I) missing them so much. Then, last August all of us decided to meet up for talk and celebrate Julissa’s birthday, but minus Dian, because her family was in town :(. Anyways Im so happy and still cant believe that everyone is so grown up!

Do you remember that:

  • we used to singĀ “Move” by CSS in the car and start to scream along and do the robotic dance at the reff part?
  • sit and do nothing while talking rubbish that we usually called hang out?
  • playing catch with someone’s phone randomly (just ask Julissa’s phone that we broke 2 years ago)?
  • random dance at the CIWALK and UNPAD parking lot?
  • having lunch at our uni’s parking lot for the whole month, which made the parking guy reserved a space for us before lunch time?
  • having picnic at Kantor Walikota Bandung gazebo just because we cook too much food for lunch?
  • having our Fancy brunch every Monday in every cafes in Jalan Bengawan?
  • driving around at night for MCD (and once with swimsuit because the urge of wanting to swim but its too late)?
  • play silly games to decide who is gonna get a free extra ice cream or pay the parking ticket? or
  • get out from the car windows instead doors, just because I said the one who doesn’t do it should be the driver next?

I realized that I had enjoyable years with you guys, some of that were memorable and funny.



Get up. get up, get up, get up, you gotta keep on moving
Get up. get up, get up, get up, you gotta keep on moving

If I put you on backwards straight to the dance floor
will you still be waiting for me? will you still be my friend?
I dont wanne bug you out with crazy crazy ideas
for I know this aint a good place for us to talk

You better get you move on
or all the good one will have gone…”

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