Last saturdayI went to a textile store! At Pasar Mayestik, Jakarta. FYI, for the last 3 years Ive  been made some of my clothes. I mean, I designed it and the tailor made it into pieces. I like to find  the fabric by my own,  and love to get lost in stack of fabrics. So a textile store is one of my favourite places.

Anywayss, my mother took me to a store named “Centro Moda”.  The store is the biggest white building with a bit european architecture. They have like a tonnnss of different print and fabric, AND  a designer’s textile!!. And I would be like this is oasis! (Well I bet thats an oasis for every textiles fan or a fashions fan). It is a home for every fabric you can only imagine!

1. The stacks.


3. Pucci and Givenchy’s section.

4. Valentino. The best!

You can find such as Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, E. Ungaro, R. Cavalli, Versace, and Valentino’s. Dont worry the fabric itself  is original, and thats make sense because the price is highly expensive. The average price is 650.000 Rupiah/metre up to 3.000.000 Rupiah/metre (65USD – 300USD/metre), but if Im not mistaken for Pucci or Givenchy you can get it with 450.000 Rupiah/metre (45USD). And in this store you can meet they very own designer or design consultant ,so you can get your design right away for free.

I cant decided what to buy, because all of it are very very beautiful. Especially Valentino and Ungaro!! D: I was like a kid in a candy store, just want to buy everythinggg!!!  But again the price is really expensive for a student like me. So I just take home a lovely Valentino’s floral fabric, its beautiful cant wait to see it as a blouse :). And I will post some of my design soon (Maybe).

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6 thoughts on “OASIS

  1. Rizky berkata:

    gravatar baru lo tuh emang elo ya? slimmer and so asik banget lo hahaha 😀

  2. Rizky berkata:

    Eh, gw baru nyadar tentang post ini haha..

    Dasar cewe, gw males banget lah kalo udah diajak nyokap buat nganterin ke mayestik. Pasti milih kainnya lamaaaaaa.. banget. Mana skill tawar menawar nyokap udah level Godlike, semakin lama pula gue harus nungguin.

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