Herbert and Dolores are friends not whatsoever close. But close enough to be in the same car.

Herbert : Bla bla blaaah…
***** and Katy Perry’s song peacock on  *****
Dolores : Oh, I like this song!  Do you like Katy Perry? *turning up the volume*
Radio : Word on the street, you got something to show me me.  Magical, colorful, Mr. Mystery. I’m intrigued for a peek, heard it’s fascinating ~
Dolores : …  Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?~
Herbert : Umm hey…
Dolores : What? nanana~ Come on baby let me see what you hidin underneath~
Herbert : A peacock?
Dolores : Yeah, havent you heard? its called the “peacock” song. *sing* … You’ve got the finest architecture End of the rainbow looking treasure ~
Herbert : Hmm.. what things that had a finest architecture?
Dolores : Dunno. Skip the talk please!  *turning down the volume*
Herbert :  Come on baby let me see what you hidin underneath?. Really?? You just said that?
Dolores : Thats called the lyrics. Yes I wanna see your peacock*exactly in front of Herbert’s face*, Do you feel irritated because of me singing or you just being offended?
Herbert : And now you said it out loud? great! You really into this song, huh?
Dolores : Oh my god! This is so awkwaaaard!!! It just a song!. *turn off the radio*.  Happy now?
Herbert : No! Lets call the radio to play it again! I kinda like it. hehehe
Dolores : God please -_- whats the matter with you!

P.S ; Herbert and Dolores arent the real name.

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6 thoughts on “PEACOCK SONG

  1. maruplayground berkata:

    that’s super awkward, hahahaha

  2. ronal berkata:

    wah mampir di blogmu membuatku yg mulai tua ini bergairah kembali belajar bahasa inggris xixixi

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