Dolores and Kadence. (Not a real name)

Kadence : Heeey, please do not tell anyone about that thing!.

Dolores : What thing?.

Kadence : Yesterday thing. You just saved my lifeee!!.

Dolores : No worrry!.

Kadence : Bu-but! Dont wall about it, dont tweet about it and dont blog about it!

Dolores : Seems like you kinda owe me.

Kadence : OWE WHAT?

Dolores : A big fat thank you! For that thing that I DONT WALL ABOUT IT, DONT TWEET ABOUT IT AND DONT BLOG ABOUT IT.

Kadence : … hmm whatever!

Phhfftt daymn annoying!!! :p. But wait, I dont have a facebook and twitter so I obviously cant wall about it or tweet about it.

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11 thoughts on “THAT THING!

  1. maruplayground berkata:

    But you blog about it :p

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