I love randomly checking stranger’s picture on Instagram. I do have some favourite picture and some of them are really made my day. When I say really, it is really with the cherry on top! I know this sounds weird, because these pictures are not somewhat special or something popular. But I must say, that I might see something in very very odd way, I might yerrr!!


1. Keegan Hawk or keegster2000. As you can see, a 12 years young Keegan did some artsy project to make a beanie hat from recyclable objects. Innovative yet wearable! This just too adorable 🙂 FYI, Keegan is a son of the birdman, the legend Tony Hawk.



2. This picture is taken by Yvan Rodic or usually known as the face hunter. He is a traveller slash professional photographer and well mostly people know him as a photographer of street life, party, art, fashion and his visual daily life. FYI he had once visited Indonesia, Jakarta and Bali to be exact. And why I like this picture? I have no idea, but might be it because this is colourful and simply pretty.


3. The owner of this picture is account named kitb. Which I have no idea who he is but this is beautifully taken. I like this picture, because it has such a free and glee moments to see 🙂 and all of sudden youth is a perfect word for this picture.

Well it happen that I like a lotss of stranger’s picture, but these 3 pictures are my favourite for a long time. I love how effortless these picture are and it simply made me smile. Hope this things make your day too 🙂

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  1. bebe berkata:

    Suka banget sama foto yang terakhir. O_O

  2. Rizky berkata:

    wah itu yang terakhir, bisa kompak banget. I bet they took it a bunch of times!

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