So my friend just told me that I had some spesific habitual. At first I doubt that, but then after a few days of studying myself. I think I found some habitual or facts about me :

1. I mostly sleep after 2 a.m for more than 9 months

2. I like to quote. Book, movie, song, conversation. Everything.

3. Everytime I got home, the first thing I do is washing my hands.

4. I cut my hair by my own for more than 3 years and I wash my hair everyday.

5. I would read a book or novel with the condition that I’ve already seen the movie or haven’t at all. If it happened that I’m in the middle of my reading and watching the movie, big chance that I will not ever ever finish the book. Preach!.

6. If it was rain. it’s possible that the “Banana Pancakes” – Jack Johnson’s song is on repeat over and over from my Ipod.

7. I like to sit in crowd. Stranger crowd. Hall, auditorium, sport field, parking lot. I like the feeling of lost in crowd.

8. I always call my father for everything. How to change a light bulp, how to go somewhere, what to do if.. , how, who,when, where, why and every possible question or every possible situation I had. My father is the most rational person I’ve ever met! and he also calm, so it helps me A LOT, cos I hate being dictated.

9. I hate cooks, because I will wash my hands in the minute after I touched everything (salt, oil, fish, frozen food, mostly everything). I hate the “dirty” feeling on my hands.

10. I eat dessert first. Always.

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