Im gonna put up some picture and story that I havent posted!! From November and up.

It mostly light story but I would like to tell you you about it 🙂


IMG_6165Alyssa (Adel) 

I got a movie date with my fav gaggle in the world, Adelissa. She was so enthusiasted and sooo cute!. She talked a lot and asked about everything, well I tried my best to answer though it was hard. Phew! I never knew that hang out with kids would be that thirsty but I am having fun!! 🙂


That day, I helped Nadia to move out. Whats so funny about this story was that my outfit was not matched at all. I wore an acid jeans shirt and black short with a knee length socks! She kept telling me that I looked like a cheerleader instead of a carrier guy (oh please, apa hubungannya deh Nad :p). Another hilarious thing, was that I dont know that her new home is really faaarrr from where I parked! So we walked with a few really heavy boxes and other stuff. FYI, I was carried a dozens cloth hanger with the cloths on it -_-” (You might not see me as a person!).  After a long-hot-sweating-not-so-work-out-run, Ade was asked us to met and spent the rest of evening with him. You know what will happens if Ade and Nadia are in the same room? BOOM. Party is in the house! I just love how this guys connected and I’m also there to watch this private show. Love to hang out with them.

IMG_6104Ade was tried to light his cigarette lighters as a substitute candle for Nadia last birthday.


I love having friends come to town! And that makes a great excuse for a massive dinner ! YAYYY!! Hedith, Randa, Dita, Andita, Decky, Ryan, Meilisa, Gusnandi and I were having a great time, though Ferry wasnt coming :(. We ended the day with karaoke, (Well, Im not a karaoke person) but I really glad I made it, because I really miss Decky 🙂

IMG_6751Karaoke 1




I cut my hair 5 cm shorter hahaha -_-” 

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