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“It was shame be the colour of a new white uniform you mother ironed all night to pay for, white without smudge or a speck a work-dirt on it” – Minny Jackson.

” All Im saying is, kindness dont have no boundaries ” – Aibileen Clark.

Title : The Help. Author : Kathryn Stockett

Set in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1962, this novel is told by three different women: Aibileen and Minny which are both black (American- African) maids working for the white ladies in society, and Eugenia “skeeter” Phelan is a fresh college graduate who also a member in that white society. Aibileen is a senior maid and her son has been recently killed in an accident by a white person; Minny has a sassy mouth but famous for her ability to cook, while Skeeter is unmarried, have a passion in writting and living with her parents.

So, the story started with the initiative about an idea for whites to build separate bathrooms in their homes for their colored help by a high member in the society named, Hilly. And shes encouraging everyone to support the initiative because her husband is enrolled to be a state senator. Somehow Skeeter feels the odd, because white peoples tend to raise they kids with the coloured help, and when the kids are older they growing like their parents, white. Another bizzare thing is that the society hold a fund raiser event every year for African kids. Which is helping a black people somewhere far while the black people around them are not get a good treatment.

After some unpleasant incident, Aibileen and Minny decided to help Skeeter with the book. Skeeter tries to pursue her writing dream in spite of  being a good housewife and being in social graces.  And this three women are work together on the project of equality, that people can connect with each other regardless of their color.

I finished the book 3 days ago!  Eventho it take more time to read because of the final exams going on. I got the book from my father, exactly like the picture above. To be honest I tried to read the book because of the movie, but now I feel ashamed because it turned out that the book is waay better than the movie. I never thought a boring story about segregation or racism will be this delightful. I love how the author give a backward sense in every single character, like Hilly, a terrible person but a really good mother or Elizabeth a really conservative wife but never care about her children. This shows that in every person there is a goodness and badness in different way. Oh! My favourite character are Celia and Jhonny foote and Minny Jackson.

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4 thoughts on “THE HELP

  1. tysonadhy berkata:

    baca ini pas nunggu filmnya rilis, eh ternyata nggak rilis di Indo, huhuhuhu ngeliat Emma Stone jadi Skeeter di dvd deeh

  2. danirachmat berkata:

    Seems like a very nice reading Man

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