” … We were playing little clubs and we had the most amazing group of people come in that were dead silence, listening to every word we would sing. And we started getting played on the radio, and younger girls started coming and a lot of college girls and stuff. They’d  start singing along all the words and I loved it. Cause it was like having back up singers in the band all of sudden, and all these guys trying to shush the girls and I would be like no no dont make the girls be quiet cause its great. And it built and built and eventually became this thing were its kind of part of the show , and it made perfect senses to me, the whole thing feeling natural to me that all of sudden my tunes become  sing-a-long tunes like Cat Steevens or The Beatles that I used to sings. And it felt really good. ” – JACK JOHNSON. 2005. 

I quoted this from a documentary movie about his tour at Greece and Japan. I always easily fall for a singer that also able to write his own song. Since he write and sing it, the song and the singer are just inseparable, and I think that is special. Thats make you think, nothing can replace the original one to another. Another thing that I love about Jack Johnson is that how simple his tunes but it got a huge power to everybody (me). He just sounds so pure and honest to me. For once, I wishing my life can be like him, living in hawaii and sit under the mango tree. How peaceful and beautiful my life would be . Oh Jack! ~

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4 thoughts on “OH JACK JOHNSON

  1. danirachmat berkata:

    Just knew this Jack Johnson from your blog Mand. Hhehe..

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