KKN 2013

Aloha! Im gonna give you a lil highlights from a few past months.

**January – February. KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) in a traditional village called, Desa Linggamukti, Purwakarta. I lived there for a month with another 20 anonymous students. Mostly we should trying to blend with the local way of living and trying to know more about the local culture.

IMG_71471. The distance to the main road from where I was is really faaar and hardly find a transportation. So we were tried to hitchhiked every possible transportation ; truck – big truck – oplet and any other vehicle that I cant even tell the name. We ride for free so sometimes we got a truck that carry a veggies or a truck full of crates. Mostly local people have their own bike or motorbike or sometime they walk for an hour (and we did once walk for 2 hours. Amateur. lol).

IMG_81392. We visit to local facilities, such as school, clinic, farm, local industry and a few local residents.

IMG_80923. This picture is just so cute.

IMG_80954. I dont know why, but they were really excited to see us. Eventhough they didnt know our personal name, but they always approaching us just to say “Hello!”. Sometimes we do feel like celebrities, even one of my friend love to waving wherever he go. Phuuuftttt.


5. Riko – Danghok – Dea – Handi. I miss them. They usually come by and say hello, but mostly ask for candies or snacks. haha.

We lived in two different homes, divided by man and woman. 10 women and 11 men. We only know each other by names, and its kinda awkward sometimes to communicate. And yes I cannot deny, that we did had miscommunication. In conclusion, I admit that it is really hard to live around strangers at first, but it turned out some of them are really great and cool if you can adapt. Firman, Rere, Novia, Dian, Zulfi, Pipit and Lady are definetely my favourite peoples. Followed by Pramel, Windy and Mando. Who also a nice and great person. But so far I’m happy and had fun.

P.S ; I might post more photo soon.

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2 thoughts on “KKN 2013

  1. danirachmat berkata:

    seems so much fun Mand, never had KKn when I was in college. They already remove the program.

    • Amandash berkata:

      hahaha kurang enak sih sebenernya, soalnya kelamaan D: hahaha tapi it turned out tpengalamannya lumayannn!! temen2nya banyak yang asik dan tempatnya juga bagus jauh dari bentukan kota! Tapi sebenernya mendingan magang juga sih kayanya

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