IMG_81761. Pipit – Novia – Firman – Rere – Amanda – Lady -Zulfi. 

“This is my favourite picture eveeerr!!” I said this over and over again to Zulfi. Its like the highlite of the month, why? because I simply said we captured moment not the face. On that day, we had a sumptuous lunch, we dance, we sang and we laugh a lot!! Its kinda the picture that when you see it you remember every moments back then. And this is the one!

IMG_75652. Windy – Pramel – Rere – Novia – Lady -Pipit.

Hola to the girls dressed in dark t-shirt!! They are my home-mates, bed-mates, and also great companion for a whole month! Cant wait to meet them again soonn.


3. We rode a boat.

Yes we were. Well it wasnt actually a boat-boat but a boat, got it? . A very short and blue day. Jatiluhur -Purwakarta.


4. We ask permission to leave.

We spent the last 2 days for saying goodbye. Its kinda sad and happy at the same time when you know you are gonna leave soon. I mostly happy because I miss bed so much, my back hurts after a month with folding mattress, but sad to leaving the home that we’ve been spent the whole month to lived in and also leaving some people that I had fun with. Bu Neneng, Teh Ela, Dea, Gilang, Rega, Gerri, and Ramdan. Hope to see them soon!


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