” When we romance
I feel a part
Of the loveliest human creature that I know by far
Who stays away from other boys
‘Cause she knows where she’s life or death or love
Where she is thought so highly of
Where someone calls her love
I wanna call it love. “

I just watch his concert at Kampoeng Jazz last night. And this song is really stuckedd!. The funny thing he said last night was “Its a jazz concert and I’m (my music) not in jazz , but tonight we are jazz people!”. He looks really enjoyed the show and owned the stage but I think there is a little dissapointment when you see that most of the crowd wasnt hype or party-ing-kinda-mood when he was actually jumped around and said “I like to party and people think Im crazy. So are you ready to party with me?” and most of the crowd doesnt know him or his music so it was not really sing-a-long-concert for him. Anyway the guy in front of us (Julissa and I) is really tall and he actually supposed to be behind us, but he pushed try to get through us to be closer to the stage, thats rude maaaan!.

P.S; If you like Sondre Lerche’s work. You can check his song ” Mother Nature “, “Hell No”, “Airport taxi reception” and “Two Way Monologue”. Those are my favourites too 🙂

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