You and I marched into cloudy afternoon that we can barely see a blue or a grey sky. We try to not hold the love because we are in love with love, but the friction begin to arise between to love or to hate the love. And I begin to wonder why on earth do we even attempt something so risky that we might ended up with raw feeling.

For a guy that look good in my brown hat, who always excited to listen my crap-theory about the world:

 Im sorry for my inability  to let the unimportant things go, for my inability to hold on the important things ” – Thomas schell (Extremely Loud and Incredible Close novel’s character).

Dengan kaitkata ,

2 thoughts on “LOVE IS A LOSING GAME.

  1. ronal berkata:

    semoga yg dimaksud membaca posting ini dan memutar lagunya 😀

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