Photobombing is the act of inserting oneself into the field of view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects. – Wikipedia.

Well actually in my personal definition, Photobombing is when a person who’s not really supposed to be in a picture, but is in the background or somewhere in the frame on purpose. Its like Im taking a picture of you, and another person walk up behind or beside you (without you knowing it) and is in the picture with you. That’s a photo bomb, or photo bombing. And I called the person is photobomber.

I met one of photobomber, which is rare and he is a good friend of mine (say what?). Anyway, guys meet Firman, a guy dressed in (mostly) yellow slash an amateur photobomber.

” Dressed in yellow, she says “Hello, Come sit next to me you fine fellow .” ” – Bust A move.



1. I took this picture of Novia and Lady. All of sudden, a guy dressed in yellow already on frame!


2. Zulfi took a picture of me and a little girl. And look, there is a guy in yellow (again)!!

Linggamukti Ririungan 213

3. Someone took a picture of these guys, but voila there is Firman (oh-oh!). (Oh, pardon the guy that dressed in white tank!! -_-)

HAHAHAH, this post is practically a joke, pardon moi. It just fun to let you know about this kinda thing.

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