Aloha! Just wanna introduce Silverstone Bag in Chalcedony series 🙂 Wohooo!!!

This messenger bag is a new member of Silverstone family for June edition. The Chalcedony has 3 different colours ;

1. Autumn – The broken white canvas with brown velvet for lining,

2. Blackjack – The vivid black canvas with red velvet for lining, and

3. Camo – The Light green olive canvas combined with camo pattern and camo satin for lining.



P.S ; The pictures are Facebook footages.

So I bought this very bag a few weeks ago, the camo one 🙂 yay!. And now Ive been wearing this bag foreverrr!. The things that I love about this bag are the studs on the bottom of the bag and the stationary pouch. Because as a bag lover I hate when my bag actually touch the ground and thank you finally my bag doesnt have to look so buff because of the stationary pouch :). Also a keys hook that absolutely a helper tho its unusual for a bag. I can guarantee that this bag was made from a good fabric and a chosen real leather 🙂

Ok, I wouldnt lie that the owner is a friend of mine but despite all of that I would recommend the bag, because I bought it and see it by myself . You can find the bag at their kaskus site or their Facebook account. Tho now you can also find it at Martin Hadi Store at Bahureksa No 1, Bandung. P.S they only made this 30 pieces 🙂


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