I went to Thailand for my weekend at early march with my mother. Which was one of the most unprepared trip I’ve ever been to!! I almost forget to bring anything and ended up buying things. Daymn!. I’m gonna short my story with pictures (as always!) d’oh!


1. Grand Palace. This is a temple slash tourist must visit place. You should see how temples here are being seriuosly treated and managed.IMG_9281

2. Almost every religious-building or temples are built with gold varnish and that makes it look grand and extravagant. Its amazing!, I told my mom that If  Thailand is ever get in debt just sell one of their temples (weird thought huh?) lol.


3. This is a holy water (maybe). because I see peoples trying to spritz their head with this water using the flower beads and close their eyes as they were wishing something. If im not mistaken, I heard the monks already pray over the water with chanting or simply prayer (maybe).


4. A beautiful scene in grand palace that combines of sun bites and tourists!


6. I went to Siam Center (?) and look what I see. Something Boudoir by Disaya. AAAAAHHHH! My favourite designer from Thailand. I actually want to look inside SO BAD but I sadly can’t because of the tour-hour thingy (boohoo!). I hope I can visit the store someday.


7. The laser buddha mountain. So this Buddha paint behind me were made by laser with gold. Yes, Gold!. I might now think that Thailand is really rich and wealth country. Anw, this park is soo huge, might be the biggest park I’ve ever been to..

This is such a very late post! I kinda busy with my final paper thingy 😦 which that things already take over my life. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “WEEKEND RUN

  1. jadi pengen ke negeri ikat kepala merah, eh salah negeri gajah putih…keren, sangat menginspirasi, hehehe ijin jadi pengikut ya, n kalau ada waktu ditunggu kunjungan baliknya, makasi

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