I think I quoted this from a movie but I forgot which one. I just think this is such a cute conversation.
P.S: There are two characters, the guy is insanely good looking but dumb-dumb, while the girl is independent and funny.
Guy : “You know, you should see me in high school. Beside this well built looks, I also took spanish class for 2 years. So, I bet you will instantly fallin for me.”
Girl : “Oh, You did ?”
Guy : “Oui”
Girl : *Shyly smile and said*, “yeah you bet I will.”
He said “Oui” which is mean yes in French, when he supposed to say “Ja” for yes in Spanish. lol

2 thoughts on “OUI

  1. cK berkata:

    You should watch “About Time”. There’s a lot of good quotes.

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