I think I quoted this from a movie but I forgot what movie. I just think this is so cute.
P.S The characters : the guy is insanely good looking but dumb dumb, while the girl is independent and funny.
Guy : You know, you should see me in high school. Beside this well built looks, I also took spanish class for 2 years. So I bet you will instantly fallin for me.
Girl : Oh, You did ?
Guy : Oui
Girl : *Shyly smile and said* yeah you bet I will.
So why I thought this is cute? because the guy is an epic fail. He said “Oui” which is mean “yes” in French. Well actually He should say yes in spain which is “Ja”. hahaha did you get it?

2 thoughts on “OUI

  1. cK berkata:

    You should watch “About Time”. There’s a lot of good quotes.

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