Happy New Year everyone :). I just got a surprised call from a friend.

ME : umm….. “Hello?.. sup!”
HE : “Hello sis! hehehe..”
ME : “Ye..ah?” I was really worried about it first, you know surprise is not always good
HE : “Hey, Did you know Cotton on just opened at the mall nearest my office?”
ME : “Oh really?! I just knew haha”
HE : “Yes I just saw it and remember the Tshirt that you gave me last year” (Last year = 2012)
ME : “I..Did?”
HE : “Yes you did! are you really dont remember?, it was just like yesterday. You can’t get rid of me just like that!”
ME : “Aaah, I think I do remember!. Hey, why you always called me by surprise?. I didnt mean I dont like that you call, it just.. surprising (mostly)”
HE : “Aha! I’m glad it works 🙂 I think I just found a method so (people) you don’t forget me that easy!”

Well, we talked for only like 7 minutes about nothing, but the last sentence about “a method” made me think another way. He thought that the method helps me to not forget him, but it turned out I was so happy that He also not forget about me, see a win-win for each party. We were gooood friends but he was kinda busy with work for the past 2 years, and we didnt see each other much often. You know what, I think I should call a lot more friends by surprise so they will feel the way I am feeling now 🙂


6 thoughts on “THE “METHOD”

  1. danirachmat berkata:

    glad to know tha best friends still remember each other. 😀
    Pernah ketemu besties yang bahkan seangkatan trening tapi gak saling ngomong.. 😦
    Semoga langgeng ya persahabatannyaa.. 🙂

  2. cK berkata:

    I think it’s a good idea to make random call with friends. At least once a year. Tapi terakhir terima telpon dari temen yg udah lama gak ketemuan, tau-taunya nawarin MLM. Doh. 😆

  3. cK berkata:

    Aku sedih persahabatan ini sebatas MLM. *drama*

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