My friend just complained how his girlfriend always took a long time before date, and he asked me why. OK! To every-single-guy in the world, sorry but let me tell you this,

Please appreciate the effort a girl took to look good (especially for a date).
Do the math for the minimum time : (this is just a rough example)
1. 30 mins shower and shampoo
2. 10 mins to dry hair
3. 40 mins to make up and style hair
4. 30 mins to figure what to wear (matching with bag and shoes)

The total : 1.50 hours 

THAT’S 1.50 HOURS OF HER LIFE FOR YOU!! So PLEASE just smile and tell her she is beautiful. Believe me, that whole time she is thinking of you and hoping that you will like it.

Not because I am a girl, but this is common sense that just need to be said.

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