Daily Archives: September 11, 2015


  1. I am very insecure and constantly psyching myself out of some great opportunities. I constantly feel like I’m not good enough, smart enough, cool enough, pretty enough, just not enough in everything.
  2. I am extremely sensitive of others feelings. I will go out of my way and always try to do anything in my power to make them feel better and more often I ignore my own feelings in the process to make someones else life a litter easier.
  3. I am my own worst critic. I beat myself up when I know an amazing achievement that my friends get. Sometimes to the point where I wonder why I even bother try to do things in my life.
  4. As I got older I worry become irrelevant in youth culture that the world seems to mesmerised lately. It seems the things I value don’t matter as much anymore or I maybe just grew up in a very different time.
  5. I’m constantly feeling angry about the state of humanity. how we treat one and other, violence, racism, bigotry, and the fact that I didn’t do much about it.
  6. I assume my family and friends don’t need to hear from me to tell them I love them yet if don’t hear those things from them I get very hurt.
  7. I am constantly trying to keep up with a world that is too hard to follow.
  8. I get really uncomfortable with complimented verses of encouragement and praises that I do not think I deserve.
  9. I can’t let my mistakes go. They eat me apart even years later and yet I starts to sing when I think about it.
  10. I am the clumsiest person. Ever. My clumsiness has caused tears, stitches, bruises, broken things  and tons of cursing.

I am so sorry, it just something that I need to drop out from my chest.