Auckland Viaduct on 2016

I can’t believe that my blog will turns 10 years old next week. This will sounds funny and cliche, but time flies so fast. Still feel surreal that my first post was almost a decade ago. I created this blog with a motive as simple as to remind me of all fun and silly times I had during my young adult age (17-ish to 23-ish). Looking at my blog, I think it really reflects my character when I was younger. I was very dreamy, insecure, immature and confused. I mean I still am, but maybe not too much hehe.

I’ve been reading the whole posts for the last 3 days and I laughed a lot because I can see that I really enjoyed my younger life and my friends. Although, I wish I wasn’t so insecure, dramatic and overthink over little things. Oh well! everyone was young, reckless and stupid. Accordingly, this blog purposed has been served 🙂

Anyway, I took the picture above 4 years ago in Auckland Viaduct, New Zealand as I’ve been spending 3,5 years of my life in this long white cloud country, Aotearoa. This country is so beautiful yet still so foreign to me :). That is one major reason why I’ve been preoccupied for the past 4 years as my life has been a roller coaster that dips underwater with fire that won’t go out off my head. I barely survive my adult life.lol

Cheers, everyone.

I wish you all well in such challenging times (global pandemics).

Kia Kaha, Be Strong!

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