A tooon things I would love to do :

( This list will continue to grow but it is possible that I might be take a few things off )

– graduate

– Watch one of Jamie Cullum concert

Throw a watermelon from a skycraper building 

– Should be able to memorize the europe map

Go to visit foreign country with Julissa and Dian

–  I want to see Kirsten Dunst

– Pet a Fish and named it Dolores and Dante

– Learn how to play Harmonica

– Donate my hair for a cancer cause (Just an idea)

– drive a mustang

– Finish my documentary movie

– Take a makeup course

– Become  a cool grandmother

– Watch Michael Buble live in concert

– Join a volunteer program in UNICEF

– learn Dutch and Arabic ( I did learned dutch for almost a year on 2011 but I have no idea why Im not able to speak or write until now without dictionary )

– Meet a twins (boy-boy)

– Donate all of my organs after I die (If my parents allowed)

– Adopt a child from Palestine or Brazil or Mongolia (Just an idea)

–  Watch a rodeo and a broadway

– Watch Cirqu Du Soleil

– Breakfast at Tiffany’s  I did get there, at tiffany’s New York, but I forgot to bring a food. hope that counts lol

– Visit The Wizarding World of Harry potter and try a butterbeer

Learn how to play a simple magic trick! (try to be cool!)   I learned a simple coin trick from youtube haha.

5 thoughts on “BUCKET LIST

  1. bhellabhello berkata:

    haii. salam kenal 😉 yg udah kecoret diatas tandanya udah terwujud?
    aku juga mauuu nyobain cupcake-nya DC :9 sampai skrg msh belom bisa bkn cupcake yg agak moist nggak keras gtu huhu
    & pgn juga ke tiffany pke LBD ala Audrey Hepburn. hmmms

  2. kisahbujang berkata:

    adopt child from Brazil?? Well if that kid happens to be next football stars, he’s the one who should adopt you.. haha

    • Amandash berkata:

      Hahaha iya yah, kan kalo. Di brazil setau gue ada daerah konflik gitu di daerah pedalaman yang berbatasan sama negara lain, kaya ada GAM gitulah. Nah dari situ yang mau gue adopt bukan bocah brazil kota -_- dan kalopun dia jadi the next football star gue udah terlalu tua buat di adopsi hahahahaha.

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