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Happy New Year everyone :).

I just got a surprised call from a friend and this roughly how the conversation went:

ME : umm….. “Hello?…”
HE : “Hello sis! hehehe..”
ME : “Yeah?”, I was really worried about it first, as you know a surprise call is not always good.
HE : “Hey, Did you know that Cotton on just opened their store at the mall nearest my office?”
ME : “Oh really?! I wouldn’t know if you don’t tell me haha”
HE : “Yes, I just saw it, and it remind me of the T-shirt you gave last year” (Last year = 2012)
ME : “Did I gave you a shirt?”
HE : “Yes, you did! It was just like yesterday. You can’t get rid of me that easy man!”
ME : “Aaah, I think I might remember yeah!
        Hey, why do you always call me by surprise?
        I didnt mean that I dont like it, it just.. surprising (mostly)”
HE : “Aha! I’m glad it works. I think I just found a method so (people) you won’t forget me easily!”

Well, we talked for only like 7 minutes about nothing, but the last sentence about “a method” made me ponder. He thought the method will help people to remember him, but I think it is the other way around. The fact that he called me to kindly nudge our relationship was really something. I think I feel happy to know that he also still remember me.

We used to hang out a lot, but once he graduated he moved out of the city and get busy with work. Therefore, we didn’t see much of each other.


I just saw the notice from wordpress team gave me. Its my blog’s birthday!! hahaha.

Well Happy Birthday! What can I say, Im pretty comitted than I think I am. Tho, Its hard to understand a bizarre things like (mostly) my posts hahaha zzzzz :p


Announcing Jamie Cullum’s sixth album, “Momentum”.

I burst in tears when I heard the album for the first time. I can clearly say that this album is him in person! The whole album is full of his personality and charm. I love every-single-song in this album and hardly to decide which one is my favourite. I always think that he had never been true to jazz, because there always element(s) in his song and somehow its magically matched.

On this album, he dominated the playlist with pop song with bit sparks of jazz, which is shown by his piano play. I may not know the true genre he stand in, but it always surprise me of how keen he is to explore his music instead of being loyal to one. Lastly, I want you to hear some of his latest works from the Momentum album:

You’re Not The Only One is the most played song lately in my ears 🙂

I give out 4.8 stars from 5 to this album. I think this album is very different than what he had done before, It just seems more colorful and loud! thou I always adore and cherish his works.


I love randomly checking stranger’s picture on Instagram. I do have some favourite picture and some of them are really made my day. When I say really, it is really with the cherry on top! I know this sounds weird, because these pictures are not somewhat special or something popular. But I must say, that I might see something in very very odd way, I might yerrr!!


1. Keegan Hawk or keegster2000. As you can see, a 12 years young Keegan did some artsy project to make a beanie hat from recyclable objects. Innovative yet wearable! This just too adorable 🙂 FYI, Keegan is a son of the birdman, the legend Tony Hawk.



2. This picture is taken by Yvan Rodic or usually known as the face hunter. He is a traveller slash professional photographer and well mostly people know him as a photographer of street life, party, art, fashion and his visual daily life. FYI he had once visited Indonesia, Jakarta and Bali to be exact. And why I like this picture? I have no idea, but might be it because this is colourful and simply pretty.


3. The owner of this picture is account named kitb. Which I have no idea who he is but this is beautifully taken. I like this picture, because it has such a free and glee moments to see 🙂 and all of sudden youth is a perfect word for this picture.

Well it happen that I like a lotss of stranger’s picture, but these 3 pictures are my favourite for a long time. I love how effortless these picture are and it simply made me smile. Hope this things make your day too 🙂

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Happy feet~

Ade now got a job out of town and Neneng is always busy with some internal or external university’s stuff. So it just the three of us (Julissa, Dian and I) missing them so much. Then, last August all of us decided to meet up for talk and celebrate Julissa’s birthday, but minus Dian, because her family was in town :(. Anyways Im so happy and still cant believe that everyone is so grown up!

Do you remember that:

  • we used to sing “Move” by CSS in the car and start to scream along and do the robotic dance at the reff part?
  • sit and do nothing while talking rubbish that we usually called hang out?
  • playing catch with someone’s phone randomly (just ask Julissa’s phone that we broke 2 years ago)?
  • random dance at the CIWALK and UNPAD parking lot?
  • having lunch at our uni’s parking lot for the whole month, which made the parking guy reserved a space for us before lunch time?
  • having picnic at Kantor Walikota Bandung gazebo just because we cook too much food for lunch?
  • having our Fancy brunch every Monday in every cafes in Jalan Bengawan?
  • driving around at night for MCD (and once with swimsuit because the urge of wanting to swim but its too late)?
  • play silly games to decide who is gonna get a free extra ice cream or pay the parking ticket? or
  • get out from the car windows instead doors, just because I said the one who doesn’t do it should be the driver next?

I realized that I had enjoyable years with you guys, some of that were memorable and funny.



Get up. get up, get up, get up, you gotta keep on moving
Get up. get up, get up, get up, you gotta keep on moving

If I put you on backwards straight to the dance floor
will you still be waiting for me? will you still be my friend?
I dont wanne bug you out with crazy crazy ideas
for I know this aint a good place for us to talk

You better get you move on
or all the good one will have gone…”

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A dreamcatcher is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web.The dreamcatcher is then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads

Traditionally, the Ojibwa (Native American) construct dreamcatchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow. The resulting “dream-catcher”, hung above the bed, is used as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares. As dreamcatchers are made of willow and sinew, they are not meant to last forever but are intended to dry out and collapse as the child enters the age of wonderment.

The Ojibwa believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person’s dreams. According to Konrad J. Kaweczynski, “Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day.” and good dreams would pass through.

– Wikipedia

The dream catcher is hung above a sleeping area in a place where the morning light can hit it. The nature of the Dream Catcher will attract all sorts of dreams to its webs. When bad dreams come, they do not know the way through the web and get caught in the webbing where the first light of day causes them to melt away and perish. The good dreams knowing the way go through the center of the web and slide down the feather to the sleeper below.

– Anishnabe

As I know it dreamcatchers are supposed to ward off evil and give you positive dreams while you sleep.
But again, usually dreams are a nature signify something going on in your life 🙂

You dont have to believe it but maybe its worth to know the story behind it.

TEAM #20

The cake :9

The Wishes. They wrote a post it notes all over my wall and my books shelf 🙂

For your information I dont like birthday that much so I never expected my birthday to come this fast plus I always trying to forget about my birthday date!

But after I spent the rest of the day with my favourite peoples and got a toooons of beautiful wishes, I should say that being 20 was not so bad after all 😀
Thank you Dian, Julissa, Neneng, Eky, Ade, Lugyana, Nadia, Nabila, Bella, Irfan, Junita, Carine, Marcia & Aneke. I also thanked the others that phoned me, and sent me SMS, BBMs or even voice notes .Thank you all for the love and the wishes. I was so happy 🙂


The ship at the turtle head secret garden

Suzhou is a small beautiful city. Suzhou is famous for they beautiful girl and that explained why my local tour guide is pretty 🙂 This city is full of garden and historical building and places. Its about 2 hours bus ride from Suzhou to Hangzhou. Yulyet told me “If theres heaven in the sky, we have Suzhou and Hangzhou “.

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United Nations Children’s Fund was created by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946.

UNICEF was created with this purpose in mind – to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path.   – UNICEF.ORG


Child Labour


Child Protection


” Bad Water Kills More Children Than War “



My Dad told me about this organization when i was 14.

Because I was asked for his help, for my classmate that got beaten by her father.

Until now, Im very interested with UNICEF project.

” I believe deeply that children are more powerful than oil, more beautiful than rivers, more precious than any other natural resource a country can have. ” – David Kaye


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