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Have you ever sit around for ages doing nothing and bam! there you go, an inspiration or an idea or a list of things you want to do. But then you realise, it is over midnight and you can do nothing about it. It is frustrating, when I want to get something done as quickly as possible but I can’t. And you just sit, wait, close your eyes, sleep and hope to see the sun and do it. Maaaan, time never been this long.



Namanya Raisa, umur 6 tahun. Paling suka es krim tapi paling dilarang makan es krim. Hobinya ngumpet ngumpet makan es krim. Namanya jauh sebelum penyanyi Raisa terkenal sekarang.


I always wonder why every time people buy or get flowers they tend to smell it. Well, me myself used to do that and can’t find the smell. Are flowers don’t have smell or did I always get the cheap one?

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I Overheard a gem this morning:


and Yes, You can’t buy class.

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My friend just complained how his girlfriend always took a long time before date, and he asked me why. OK! To every-single-guy in the world, sorry but let me tell you this,

Please appreciate the effort a girl took to look (pretty) good (especially for you!).
Do the math for the minimum time : example
1. 30 mins shower and shampoo
2. 10 mins to dry hair
3. 40 mins to make up and style hair
4. 30 mins to figure what to wear (matching with bag and shoes)
The total : minimum time for a girl is 1.50 hours, and that whole time she wondering if you will like it (trust me!).

THAT’S 1.50 HOURS OF HER LIFE ON YOU!! So PLEASE just smile and tell her she is beautiful.
I dont mean to be on the girl’s side but this just need to be said.

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I am not married (yet, maybe in the future future) but I grew up see my parents and other adults (and television).

I think marriage is much more than love, it is called tolerance. You know People grow and change every time (day!!) but not always in the same direction. At the end of the day, you do not own the life of your partner, because you just simply placed your life beside theirs. So I think marriage is not a fairytale that we expect it to be but rather a collection of events over the course of lifetime with this person. And you can choose if you want these every-day-with-the-partner to be happy or miserable. Because you will realise that the fighting wont change the fact that you are married.

To a guy that told me about his parents, do not worry it just the way they talk and to all adult who is married, please try to not fight in front of your child.

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FATHER: Its pretty isnt it?
DOLORES : YES! with the cherry on top
FATHER : OH! its too expennsive!! 800 in dollar for shoes!!!
DOLORES : I’ll be good promise 😀 hehehehe
FATHER : You already are, but i am not getting it for you anyway!
DOLORES : Such a nice way to say no yah! hahaha :p

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